Setting The Levs: Nostalgic Nomad

Nice Look!

Garms Net.

Multi talented budding mogul and current videographer, Nostalgic Nomad Here in a splendid Teal 3 Piece w/ Chocolate skinny tie. White patent brogues are out there but work remarkably well. The whole shot encased by the drawing room of a genuine English country mansion.

An Alternative Vision of the Modern English Gentleman An Alternative Vision of the Modern English Gentleman

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Partner Focus: Free Like Birds UK

I’ve been trying to design a Tatt for ages, actually….

Garms Net.

Having Evolved from Tshirt design and apparel creation, FLB is now simply a design brand. No longer shackled by the rules and trends of Fashion, free to create clothes via collaboration, canvasses, tattoo designs, bespoke artwork or add a Birds Eye View to your Logo. Find Them On Instagram Web View Here or, maybe Join The Facebook Group

2015-07-12 23.10.20

Inspired by The Genius himself Inspired by The Genius himself

When You Find the Kicks that Make the Tshirt Bang Severly When You Find Kicks that Make your favourite T-shirt Bang

Some People are Too Fly To Fit Some People are Too Fly To Fit

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Yeezy Season Continues..

Ok so sneaker heads already know what time it is. Kanye West has launched his much anticipated latest offering to style, fashion and humanity in general: Adidas Originals’ Yeezy 750 Boost are here! (Soon)

watch the video

Dynamic design is to be expected when Yeezy is involved and these don’t disappoint on that front.



High top, lace ups with a zip and a lace flap – Bold. They look light as well and I do like the minimalism and stock grey – although the finish isn’t to my taste.

Adidas have only 9000 pairs and you have to reserve them via a brand new app – Adidas Confirmed (which has had launch problems so far)

They went on limited sale in New York today as Kanye crashes New York Fashion week on his self-constructed wave of media momentum – There were live streams of the launch of West’s latest project launch in the same week that he stole the social media show with his Grammy’s ‘performance’.

Say what you want about the man, he knows marketing, media, merchandising – and money. Pictures went online this week of apparently Yeezy boosts reserved for certain celebrities he’s known to be close to – that’s A-list endorsement using a smartphone camera, a few shoe boxes and some post-it notes. Bow Down.

Rumoured image of the ‘low’ version although I haven’t seen anything official


Final note is on the lace strap having the traditional ‘3 stripe’ motif on the inside – a bit ‘meh’ for me, trying a little bit too hard with that I thought but not a major flaw at all.

Official Release day is 28th Feb, $350 retail available via Adidas Confirmed app.

Any thoughts on these? Too Jazzy? Too Hipster?


Sorry: Always too late

People are full of shit.

It’s always this time of year they remind you of it as well. Whether they are promising to call or visit more often this year or that they will not let you down in exactly the same way as last time – people casually lie to your face and I’m calling them out on it today.

Sorry I let you down (sorry I agreed not to)
Sorry I’m late (you’re lucky I came tbh)
Sorry I’ve been sleeping with your best friend (sorry I forgot about Facebook tagging)

It’s so easy to say and honestly means not a thing. The only people who think the word has any weight are the same people that over use it (*cough* TFL *cough*)

I think we need to go back to basics. When people would make amends. You never hear sorry said amongst organised crime bosses. A sit down, a weighing of the facts, a conclusion and then a penalty for one party – usually financial. Simple.

Now I’m not suggesting people turn to the mafia for moral guidance but etiquette has its place in modern culture – from smokers, to drinkers, to workers, drivers, even sportspeople and the media have said and unsaid ‘dos and dont’s’ they adhere to.

You say sorry when you fart in public, not when you’ve given someone an STD caught from the person you cheated on them with, for instance.

Basically – the next time someone feels the need to say sorry to you accept only under the condition they spell out how they mean to make amends for their error.

Hopefully next time they will approach you with that plan for reparations rather than some feeble throwaway word which they expect to make up for that pay rise or weekend together or just making you late for the 300th time. Better yet – there might not be a next time.

Forgive them, of course (life is too short) but make the bastards work for it..

Happy New Year



What Time You Got?!

There’s never time to do anything. There’s always an excuse to put things off – money; kids; work; fatigue – all valid, but all excuses in the end.

There’s never the right time to say important things. Chit chat, football, gossip, politics – no problem. Love, hopes, fears, insecurities – embarrassing.

Too much time wasted. Too many tv shows; too long procrastinating; too much time arguing, worrying, plotting. Too many beefs – too many lost to ego, too long in the struggle.

You can measure great distance with time.That’s amazing. Timing is essential to life: Release the clutch right on the sweet spot; counter strike or feint to shoot… Tell her the truth.

What does time mean really though? Everything is relative: 3 minutes waiting at the traffic lights is long but 3 minutes waiting for that reply text? That’s an eternity. An hour in a boring meeting is painful; any hour of escapism floats by.

Hate to wait. Hate to wait so that’s why I’m late. Hate waiting to leave. Despise airports. Don’t like traffic: lights, tailbacks, selfishness, cowardice, ignorance. Waste of time. Waste of energy.

Energy levels are affected by the moon and sun. We mark time with the moon and sun. Time affects energy. Check your energy levels before you get into a fight. Choose the right battles. Consider your real opponent -The Person or The Situation?

Tell the truth?! Tell who the truth? What truth? Who are you lying to really?

Robin Van Persie – The Full Injury List

So. It’s happened. Another summer, another captain leaves for the trophies they have failed to win and the money that failure has not eared them at Arsenal. I see both sides really, Arsenal have really under-invested in the team since moving to the Emirates. The rise of the billionaire plaything clubs has brought this into sharper focus as Chelsea, Man City etc buy the top stars paying ridiculous wages. Players win football matches and therefore titles, not balance sheets. I can understand players at clubs outside this select few feeling the need to validate their career with actual success. I can also see why clubs and fans get angry though: Van Persie was here when Fabregas and Henry were still at Arsenal and we were winning nothing. He was the first player to speak out about Nasri last year as well btw! Finally the club has strengthened the team ( after RVP released a statement that was effectively a transfer request) and he leaves to play for Manchester United. Gives Wenger “No Choice” but to sell him according to reports. Well, Robin – one of the main reasons we have won nothing while you’ve been here is actually showing faith in you. Wenger’s blind faith and “support” for one of the most injury-prone players I remember looked to have paid off when Van Persie banged in 37 goals last season. It looked to have blown up in his face though, when that same success for Van Persie made him forget that it is Arsenal that have been paying for the recovery of his injuries ( usually picked up with the International team!!) and not replacing him with a first choice striker so as not to “kill” his career and development.

Hopefully this is a lesson learned for Wenger. I’m sure this is his last contract in club football now, as a manager, anyway.

Below is the full list of Van Persie’s injuries incase anybody thought this was an over-blown issue that bitter fans would draw on for cheap satisfaction. *ahem*

Groin Strain 2012 February 29th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2011 August 7th
Knee Injury 2011 February 28th
Hamstring Injury 2011 February 22nd
Flu 2011 February 8th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 August 28th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2010 June 1st
Sprained Ankle 2009 November 14th
Knee Injury 2009 September 13th
Groin Strain 2009 April 18th
Groin Strain 2009 March 30th
Hamstring Injury 2008 October 6th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2008 August 31st
Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 May 2nd
Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 April 4th
Thigh Muscle Strain 2008 January 11th
Thigh Muscle Strain 2007 December 24th
Knee Injury 2007 October 18th
Metatarsal Fracture 2007 January 22nd
Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 November 19th
Hip/Thigh Injury 2006 September 14th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2006 February 10th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 December 22nd
Knee Injury 2005 October 17th
Ankle/Foot Injury 2005 February 5th
Sprained Ankle 2004 November 26th
Sprained Ankle 2004 August 27th

Ann-Marie Lataille @ Soul’d Out 12th July 2012

Venue: Paradise Bar, London NW10

It’s taken me ages to do his review, mostly laziness, true. It does take ages to upload videos to YouTube though, in my defence.

There’s something to the theory that the gigs most difficult to get to are often worth the effort – Ann-Marie made sure this was true on this occasion.

After a powerful opening a Capella the experienced performer eased into her 1st song with charm and an honesty that is almost now trademark with AML performances

Next up was a song I think I’ve heard before but it was just @MissLataille solo. This time she had an artist featuring, unfortunately I didn’t write his name down at the time though. I also dont know the official title of the song – I call it “So High”

Final entry from the sultry songstress had my hairs standing In-between the
Goosebumps. Perfect end to a great performance. Almost made the 15 minute walk through the torrential rain that night ( twice ) worth suffering for


Follow @MissLataille for updates on new releases and performances.

Love Life – Live Music